Saturday, September 1, 2007

ding ding

that's the end of round twelve and it'll go to the score cards. The judges score it... a draw.

Forty five days of biking, over 3400 miles, and I didn't beat the road. But it sure as hell didn't beat me either.

In Portland, OR with Ross' brother and sister-in-law enjoying HD television and beer. We made it.

Now let's assess the damage, shall we?

1. At least 2 dozen flat tires.
2. About three dozen broken spokes between four different back tires. Today was the worst with eight broken spokes at once.
3. Four broken tire irons (the tool necessary to change a flat tire). At one point I just cut my tire off with my leatherman because my tire irons were too broken to take the the tire off.
4. Broken odometer stand.
5. Snapped BOB trailer flag which happened when I tried to wheel the damn thing down a steep embarkment where i was sleeping for the night, but lost control and it rolled over and on top of me.
6. Snapped rear deraiuller (sp?) cable (the cable necessary to switch gears in the back, thus making it less horrible to climb hills).
7. Stuck front derailleur (sp?) cable.
8. Broken hook on panier (sp?), or saddleback, which caused the entire bag to fall off and get lodged in the spokes of the back tire (see number 1).
9. Screws for rack falling out spontaneously, causing the rack and all the belongings on top of it to fall off into the road. casualties included my poor ukulele which could not stay in tune after the fall, and a delicious new orleans style trail mix that hopefully became squirrel bait, drawing the furry bastards into the very busy road.

Though this is the end of the ride, I may continue blogging on this site; after all, the URL "dirt eaters anonymous" is broad enough to encompass non-cycling entries as well, I think. Thanks to everyone who's followed this blog and especially to those of you who posted comments, even the cryptic ones I don't get at all. To Mrs. Shu, as they say where I come from, go on and rock it like a light socket.


Mrs. Shu said...


Are those damages yours alone?

I know that I am not supposed to have more questions when you are retired from this journey now, but, whew, are those the damages of the group or of your own?

It is okay if you do not have energy to answer this question. Someday, other than this one, you may be able to.

Um, also, you will have to tell me what is light sucket?

And why is that Mrs. Shu is where you are from?

Armin, do not allow me to cause you headache.

Go to rest, and do not bother to answer me these questions.

I will ask them when I see Julie.

Nice day, and do not go to metal concert too soon,

ate said...

congratulations, min! you are a rock. i have to hear all about your other stats as well like weight loss, the final number of times "the name game" was in your head, and whether you found a nice partner during your imaginary dates. we love you.

Mrs. Shu said...

Hello, Armin:

I told you not to be worried about answering my questions that I have posted 708pm, 9/1, but I was not that serious, u know?

Why? Did you really take my posting content that serious?

Or, were you pretty much in bed recuperating from all the excitement in the biking and touring?

When are you guys going to post together again?

Just suoiruc,

Anonymous said...

I will be missing the time of reading your blog now.

It will be a while before I can be tuned into other blogs and understand that your bike touring is indeed ended.

Nice work, and know that I will miss your works,

Anonymous said...


Congratulations on finishing your ride. Now that school is starting up again, we're all realizing how much we're going to miss you at TEC this year. Thank you for sharing this ride with all of us. Take care, Shauna

Shana said...

armin, you're amazing. please come see me in ohio whenever you get back this way. i miss you.

Q_Monroe said...

there's a crisp $20 with your name on it in my pocket.

woo hoo. that bloodsport guy would be proud.

Aunt Cristen said...

I am so impressed are truly amazing. Congratulations on the trip. It is something to be proud of and I will continue to boast and brag to everyone I know that you did this. I can't wait to see you when you make it back this way. Love you!!

kimbell1974 said...

You made it! I have to admit, I was a little worried about you when you said that you weren't training but I should've known better because you're strong like ox. I loved your postcards. They're hanging on my office door so people can say, "Wow, that looks cool. You went there" to which I respond, "No, but I have a friend who rode a bike through there on his way to Portland on a cross country trip." You rock!

Bern said...

Way to go Armin!
COngrats on the trip and best in whatever you choose to do now. I'm pretty sure with what you just accomplished, you could do pretty much anything now. It's been fun reading your blog. Stop in and say hi if you're ever in Chicago again.